how to style: sweatpants

Sweatpants! It’s something that is becoming more and more popular for your everyday outfits. Especially now that we’re all stuck at home but we still wanna look cute, I decided to give you examples on how to style sweatpants! You can definitely wear sweatpants while looking cute and stylish at the same time so let me show you how.

*The photos in this blog are from Pinterest. By clicking on them you will be directed to the pictures on Pinterest.*

Add a cute jacket

A first good example of how to make your outfit look good is to add a cute jacket! It could have a fluffy fabric or a cute pattern and it already makes your outfit look a lot cuter (and even more comfy).

A different fabric or print can make your outfit much more interesting because there is more going on. This is a cute example, she paired a simple pair of khaki sweatpants with a white fluffy jacket. It makes the outfit look much cuter and more put together.

Another cute jacket could be a plaid jacket or maybe a puffer jacket. You can definitely play around with colours and patterns. Maybe you have a blue pair of sweatpants that you could style with a pink jacket (if you like colourful outfits)!

Matching colours

Another cute example is a matching set or just matching colours. Maybe you have a cute pair of pink sweatpants, you can style this with a pink top, maybe the same colour or maybe a darker or lighter pink. Matching colours always makes your outfit look more put together, no matter what you’re wearing.

Maybe you have a cute pair of tie dye sweatpants, they usually have a matching top as well. That would look really cute together! Or maybe sometime like in this picture. A matching pair with text on them always looks good.

If you think this is boring, you can try matching it with a darker colour for example. You could style light brown sweatpants with a dark brown sweater. I swear, it will look good!

It doesn’t have to be a matching sweater of course, a matching t-shirt or tank top will also do the job. Maybe even a matching beanie or other accessories will also make your outfit look better! Play around with it for a little bit, you won’t be sorry!

Interesting pair of shoes

A good pair of shoes can completely change your outfit! Maybe you have blue Nike Jordans and a simple pair of grey sweatpants, pair them together! This is gonna make your outfit look so good and more colourful.

This outfit is a good example of what I mean. She’s wearing simple grey sweatpants but styled them with blue and white shoes (and even a matching top). This makes your outfit look so cute and put together.

Nike has a lot of shoes like these with vibrant colours. These could really spice up any outfit but it definitely does that well with sweatpants. It’s no secret sneakers look good with sweatpants but to wear sneakers with a vibrant colour looks even better!

Nike has many options with lots of colours so don’t hesitate to have a look at what they offer. You can also buy shoes from a different brand of course, it doesn’t have to be these expensive Nikes. Second hand sites are also an option if you’re looking for some cute shoes (or some cute sweatpants)!

Cute accessories

The answer to spicing up every outfit is ACCESSORIES! It can’t be a surprise to you that jewelry for example will make your outfit look more interesting. It’s not different with a pair sweatpants!

This a really cute example. She added a cute bag and some jewelry to her outfit and it already looks much better. Imagine this outfit without the accessories, doesn’t this look much better?

A cute bag, some jewelry, a watch, a hat, and many more things can make your outfit look so much better and more interesting. It’s something small on it’s own but it can really change your outfit!

Now take this outfit, add a cute jacket and some blue shoes and you have yourself a very cute outfit! They’re small and simple things but if you add some of them you can make your ‘basic’ outfit so much cuter and more stylish!

Cute sweatpants

Now this one might be pretty obvious but it can make a big difference! They make so many different sweatpants in many different sizes and colours. There are blue, pink and green sweatpants but also tie-dye sweatpants and many other prints.

Look at these sweatpants, they have a pink tie-dye print! Wear this and you don’t need anything else to spice up your outfit. Now I understand that this is not everyones taste but you get my point right?

Even just a pastel purple will make your sweatpants and your outfit look better. So if you’re looking for cute sweatpants outfits to wear often I recommend you get some cute colours instead of just white or grey.

There are also 2-coloured sweatpants, sweatpants with butterflies or stars and so many other things. When your sweatpants are interesting, you’re outfit is interesting. It’s as simple as that.

Those were all of the tips I had for you on how to style sweatpants! I hope this blog helped you style your own cute outfit, let me know if it did with a comment down below. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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