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Online shopping, I think most of us have done this many times already. It’s so easy to order something online and get it delivered to your door, especially since some of us are in lockdown! But shopping clothes online can be tricky, some things just don’t end up the way you thought they would. Luckily, I have a lot of experience with buying clothes online and I’m gonna share with you all of my tips to buy the right clothes!

I’m gonna share my tips on how to save money when shopping online, we always love some discount! I’m also gonna share my tips on how to buy an actual good product, one that turns out the way you expect it too. I’m also gonna tell you how to know which size you should buy and more!


Sometimes you wanna order something from a website you have never ordered something before. Maybe you have your doubts if it’s actually good, like Shein or Yesstyle. There are some ways to feel more curtain about a website or just finding out it’s not good at all.

Look it up on YouTube. You can find anything on Youtube, including a lot of try on hauls and website reviews. Also small websites work with YouTubers and there are probably some videos about those websites as well.

If you for example have your doubts about Shein you could look up a try-on haul (I made a few videos about Shein myself). You will find tons of videos about Shein on Youtube. You can watch a few videos and hear what they think about the products that they ordered.

Maybe a product is not like the picture at all and you know that you shouldn’t order that one. They could also be very happy with certain clothing pieces and you know those are actually good products to buy yourself. This way you can find good products that you like as well!

Look for website reviews. Trustpilot is a website with a lot of reviews about websites, also about Shein. People share their experiences with websites like Shein, good or bad, and they’re all there for you to read. Websites and reviews like these can really help on your decision to trust a website or not. Also a tip: pay attention to reviews from your country. Quality might not make a difference but how long it takes and many other things are different for some countries.

Good products

How do you know a product is gonna be good or not? It might be very different from the picture, the colours might be off, the fabric might feel weird and imagine what else could go wrong. These tips can really help you pick out the right products!

Look at the reviews, but really LOOK. I know this one is so simple but I still hear from so many people that buy the wrong products and if they really look at the reviews I don’t know how. 99% of the time the product is exactly what I expected because I pay a lot of attention to the reviews.

First of all, if there are no reviews, don’t buy it. Unless the product you’re buying is from a website you’ve only had good experiences with. But if you’re buying from a website like Shein, don’t, believe me. If you really like it you can always wait a little while until reviews start to show up. Reviews really tell you a lot.

Also very important, look at the worst reviews there are. Look at how many people gave it 5 stars and how many gave it maybe 3 stars. If not a lot of people give it a really good review you know it’s not exactly what they expected. Read the ones with 1 stars (if there are any), read the small complaints, even the little ones. Read all of them and pay attention to the same complaints that people have. If it’s not a big problem to you you can still buy it of course.

Look at the pictures. Look at the photos with the models but also the photos from the reviews. They both say a lot about the product. I can always tell what kind of fabric it is by really looking at the pictures. This way you won’t get surprised when you receive your order.


I know it can be hard to decide which size to buy. You don’t want to have to send it back and wait for the right size. With these tips it’ll be easier to decide on a size (that actually fits).

Look at the reviews. Also for this, look at the reviews, and in particular; the pictures. See what other people have to say about the size, if it runs big or small. The pictures are the best way to decide on a size. I always look at the pictures in a review. If you can find people with kind of the same body type, it’s gonna be much easier.

If you buy a shirt, compare the shoulders, the arms and waist. If you find a few people that have a similar body to yours you can look at how the clothing piece fits and look at what size they got. Maybe they got a small but it fits a bit tight and you don’t like that, it’s probably best to go with a medium. If you buy pants look at the hips and the length. Sites like Shein also allow you to add your measurements, definitely look at that as well (if they’re accurate).

Look at the sizing charts. This might be a very obvious one but sometimes people forget that sizing charts also exist. If you buy pants it’s very important to look at the length. I always measure a pair of pants that I already have to know how long the pants need to be. If there aren’t many reviews that talk about the sizing and there aren’t many pictures to compare, put your faith in the sizing chart.

Another tip is to keep in mind what kind of fabric it is. Maybe it’s a very stretchy material so you could simply choose the smaller size so you know for sure it’s not gonna be to big. And maybe you don’t mind it if a sweater (for example) is a little oversized, then you can choose a bigger size.


We all like discount. The cheaper the better! There are definitely some easy ways to get some discount. Of course it’s not the same for every website how many discount codes there are available and if there even are any. But these tips might help you.

Look on the internet. You can always look for discount codes online. Just type in ‘… discount code 2021’ and you will get some options to try out. For Yesstyle you can always use 2 discount codes; a coupon code and reward code. You can use my reward code ‘CALLMELIZ15‘ for 5% off if you’d like. You can use it in combo with a coupon code and get up to 20% discount. You can usually find some online!

For Shein for example you also have your own coupon codes that you usually get when you log in. You can find these in your profile. You can also save up points, you can check in every day, you can review the products you bought and many other things. That’s also an easy way to get discount.

Download the extension ‘Honey’. Honey is a browser extension that’s free to download. This is not sponsored but I do use it myself and it’s so helpful! You can easily download it for your browser. What it does is basically try all the discount codes it has when you are in checkout and it finds the cheapest price for you. It does all the work for you and it’s such an easy way to get some discount. This works on so many websites (not just clothing websites). This is only for your computer, not your phone.

Those were all of the tips on online shopping! I really hope these tips helped you. If you have some tips yourself that weren’t in here you can always leave a comment. Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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