10 spring outfit ideas

It’s time for spring! What I love most about spring is being able to wear shirts and tank tops again after months of snow and warm sweaters. We have many new outfits to wear again, it’s time for colours, skirts, t-shirts, dresses, etc. I thought it was a good time to share some spring outfit ideas with you. I have many different ideas for you and I hope you’ll like them!

The pictures that I use are from Pinterest. By clicking on them you will be directed to the picture on Pinterest! You can also find them here on my board (where I save all of the pictures I use for my blog(.

Corset tops are very popular right now. This one is so gorgeous! You can style corset tops with everything. With skirts, jeans, sweatpants, etc. You have them in many different colours and styles, with and without straps, there’s so much to choose from! It’s perfect for this spring (and they’re just so cute)!

Leather jackets are also making a comeback! Especially the oversized ones are everywhere. I see them a lot on Pinterest and Instagram and for a good reason! It looks so good. It’s casual and classy but also very girl boss. This looks good with skirts but also pants or oversized shirts. It’s perfect for the spring!

Plaid skirts are also so cute and perfect for spring. Skirts like these have been showing up more and more over the last few months and I think we’ll keep seeing more of them. I personally think they look so good without pantyhose which makes spring a good time to wear them!

This outfit is absolutely stunning! I’m so obsessed with this. The whole outfit is so cute but I’m gonna put the focus on the floral top. Floral tops scream spring and I think you can understand why. So so so cute! It looks so good with denim but also with a plain skirt. You can never go wrong with this!

These bandana tops have been more popular lately and they’re actually a comeback from the 2000’s. It’s looks so cute and if it’s really warm outside it’s perfect to wear. You can easily recreate this outfit if you have a cute piece of fabric or bandana at home! You can also buy these in some stores (also with straps).

I don’t know if cardigans will ever go out of style again. Chances are big you have this already in your closet. They’re so cute and they go together with everything! It can’t be a surprise that they’re great for spring. It’s so simple and yet so cute and they come in so many different colours and prints!

Floral dresses are (just like floral tops) perfect for spring! You have so many different ones in many different sizes, colours and prints. This dress is such a cute example. Also because green is still very popular and great for spring. I’m sure you can easily find a cute floral dress in one of your local stores or online. They’re also really easy to make an outfit with because you don’t have to style it with pants or a skirt.

Like I mentioned in my blog on fashion trends of 2021, matching sets are kind of popular right now. Matching colours, matching prints or just a 2-piece set is so cute. This example is perfect for spring. It’s so simple and yet so cute because of the matching colours. Also mini skirts like these are becoming very popular! Overall a great outfit for spring (which you might be able to put together with what you already have).

White and light beige pants are showing up more and more on my feed. They’re not a very obvious trend but I realised I see this a lot lately. It’s also perfect for spring. Light colours are less warm and stay cooler, which makes it perfect for warm weather. It also goes with everything, even a white top would like cute with this! It’s the same as black jeans only much lighter and less warm.

We already knew that dresses are great clothing pieces for spring (as well as cardigans). But together they’re even cuter! This is so cute for when it’s just not warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress by itself. This also gives you a lot of options for colours and prints to combine. You can go for a cute pink floral dress with a pink plain cardigan for example. So cute!

That were all of the spring outfits ideas I had for you! I really hope this helped you and I hope you liked the outfits. Let me know in a comment below what outfit is your favorite! If you’re interested in more fashion inspiration you can follow my Instagram account where I post outfit ideas every day! Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on my weekly content! See you next week ❤

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