how to find your style

I know it can be hard to figure out what your personal style is. There are so many different styles and so many different ways to style colours, prints and clothes in general. Today I’m gonna help you figure out what your style is, how to make it personal and unique and inspire other people with it.

First I wanna start by asking you to open up your mind to every possibility. I used to think a lot of clothes and colours wouldn’t look good on my so I never even tried it. You can make anything look good. I’m telling you. If you think mom jeans don’t look good on you, you’re wrong. There are so many different types of mom jeans out there and I bet there’s at least one that will fit you. So keep your mind open, it’s the first big step.

1. Clean out your closet

The first step is to clean out your closet. You have to ask yourself what you really like and what you like less. Maybe you have some skinny jeans but you actually don’t love them anymore and you’re more into flare jeans now. Get rid of them. A good thing to know is what you don’t like so you can narrow it down to what you do like and figure out your style. Plus by cleaning out your closet you’ll have more space for clothes you do like.

2. Find your inspiration

Go to Instagram and start looking around. It’s time you find your style icons! I personally love @best.dressed and @haleypham the most. I’ve been following them both on YouTube for a long time and they give me a lot of inspiration and new ideas. If you don’t know where to start you can look up something like #fashioninspiration.

When you find someone who’s style you like you can look at the people they take pictures with or what Instagram suggests based on that account. Turn on their post notifications if you like and stay up to date on their posts for inspiration. Also just look around on their profile and save the outfits you love the most. Use this as a source of inspiration for when you’re gonna buy some new clothes!

3. Make a Pinterest board

Pinterest is a great source for outfit inspiration. Simply make a board for your favorite outfits and just look around. Save everything you like, don’t think if you would actually wear it or if it would look good on you. Just save everything that makes you think ‘oh that looks so cute!‘. This way you’re not really thinking about it and you’re just saving cute fits.

Just look around for as long as you want to and then have a look at your board. Take notes of things you see repeatedly or colours and prints you saved a lot. Maybe you saved a lot of clothes with animal print or the colour green. Now you know that’s part of your style (if you didn’t realise it yet). You can also use this as inspiration for when you’re gonna shop for new clothes.

4. Choose your colours and prints

Now that you’ve looked for inspiration and made your Pinterest board it’s time to decide on your colours and prints. Personally, I’m all here for white tops and for colours I always go for pastels. For prints I really like floral prints and plaid bottoms. Look at what you saved a lot. Maybe you’re really into darker colours or maybe you like green and yellow. You can kind of make your colour palette like that. This is really gonna help you figure out your style.

5. What do you like about the clothes

Besides colours it’s also good to know why you like a certain clothing piece. Maybe you saved a cute pair of blue mom jeans. What made you save it? Do you really like the colour of the denim? Maybe you like that it’s high waisted or length of the jeans. Maybe it has a very baggy look and you love the way it falls on the model. Why do like a different pair of mom jeans less than that one? Realise what particular things you like about the clothing so you can look for more pieces that have that as well. This can make you realise that you really like puffy sleeves or baggy jeans for example.

You could also like something because it just looks really good on you. I personally only buy high waisted bottoms because I’m small and it makes me look taller. So a big part of my style is high waisted bottoms. I also really like tight crop tops because I have a small waist and it really shows it well when I wear something tight and/or cropped. It’s good to keep in mind what makes your body look good as well.

6. Try new things

I just want you to keep in mind that your style can have a lot of variation. I love mini skirts but I also love baggy jeans. For example, you don’t have to be a sneaker kinda girl or a heels kinda girl, you can be both. Try out what you like no matter how different it is from what you usually wear. It’s your style so it’s up to you what that includes.

Don’t be scared to try different things. Like I said earlier, keep an open mind. If you really like yellow tops but you tried it out once and it didn’t look good on you, don’t let it stop you from trying a different yellow top. There are many different shades of yellow and just because one shade didn’t look good on you doesn’t mean a different shade also won’t look good on you. If you just try out the things that you like and don’t let your thoughts get in the way you could really take your style up to a whole new level.

Also don’t be scared to wear something ‘different’. There are a lot of different clothes and trends but if you don’t like the trends and you wanna wear something you don’t see a lot, go for it. This will make you stand out (in a good way) and catch other peoples attention. If you wear one-of-a-kind clothing, your style will be very unique and people love that kind of stuff. So don’t be scared to do so.

If you followed all of these steps you should have figured out your style now! Let me know in a comment if this helped you and if you maybe have another tip. If you’re interested in fashion inspiration you can follow my Instagram account where I post outfit ideas every day! Subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on my weekly content! See you next week ❤

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