top 10 spring must haves

Spring is slowly coming and I’m so excited! There are some clothing pieces that can’t miss from your wardrobe this spring. I took it upon myself to look for THE spring must haves of 2021. These clothing pieces are gonna help you look amazing this spring! All of the pieces are linked if you’re interested in buying them.

1. Butterfly skirt

This butterfly skirt from Shein is honestly the cutest skirt ever! I bought it myself as well, feel free to check it out. I love this skirt so much and I definitely recommend it! (Plus, it’s not expensive at all).


2. Corset top

I found this corset top on Yesstyle and I’m so obsessed! I’m definitely gonna buy this soon. Corset tops have been very popular lately, so it’s perfect. Also available as a set with matching underwear, as well as in black. Use code ‘CALLMELIZ15’ as reward code for 5% off on Yesstyle!


3. Bomber jacket

I found this cute 1990 bomber jacket on Missguided! It looks so good with the pastel colours and it would make a great in-between-season coat. They only sell it in this colour but they sell other bomber jackets if you’re looking for one!


4. Long skirt with split

Long skirts were a little bit on a low profile last year but I have a feeling they’ll be more popular this year! Because long skirts are warmer than mini skirts they’re perfect for spring! This skirt is also available in black. And again, this is pretty cheap!


5. Leather jacket

This leather coat from Romwe is perfect for spring! It’s a great in-between-seasons coat and it looks super stylish. A leather coat look good with (almost) everything so it’s super easy to style. Also available in brown leather!


6. Cropped cardigan

Like I said in my blog about spring outfit ideas, cardigans will probably never go out of style again. This cute cardigan from Missguided is available in every colour you could possibly think of. It’s perfect for spring and it’s not even expensive at all!


7. Asymmetrical jeans

These pants are from Soulmia and you might recognise these from my first blog on spring trends! Soulmia is a less known brand but I checked them out in a video and I really loved the pants!


8.White crop top

I also included this top in my latest try on haul. They are so comfortable and perfect for spring and summer! You can style this with a cute cardigan or a cute pair of jeans. This top is also available in a lot of colours! (Also a plus, it’s super cheap).


9. Floral dress

A floral dress couldn’t miss from this list of course. This cute dress from Yesstyle is perfect for spring! It has many good reviews and it’s not even that expensive. And again, use code ‘CALLMELIZ15’ as reward code for 5% off on Yesstyle!


10. Bandana top

As I mentioned in my blog about spring outfit ideas, bandana tops are very popular right now! This cute top from Shein is very affordable and super cute. It’s available in 5 different colours/prints! With a top like this in your closet you can never go wrong


Those were my spring 2021 fashion must haves! I cannot wait to buy these soon and wear them. Comment down below which one is your favorite of the list! Feel free to check out the items in this article. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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