best aliexpress clothing stores

I think most of us have heard of Aliexpress by now. It’s an online website with a lot of different sellers that sell very cheap things, from make-up, to home decoration, to clothing! Buying clothes from Aliexpress can be very tricky and it always feels like you’re taking a risk. It’s always unpredictable on Aliexpress but I’m gonna help you with that! (For every store I’ll recommend the best product.)

Like I said, there are MANY different sellers on Aliexpress, some better than others. I did some research and I looked for the best clothing sellers on Aliexpress. I looked at their scores and how much of their feedback was positive, which I’ll also share with you. I’m not promising you that it’ll turn out good if you buy something from these sellers, I just think you have a better chance of buying something that’s worth your money!

Tips: Always look at the reviews carefully and look at what other people have to say. 9/10 times you have to size up. Always keep your expectations low.

1. Shanghai lanhan trading co / Julia Kiss

This store has been open for 8 years now and has an overall score of 4.7/5 (based on accuracy, communication and shipping) which is above average. 96.9% of their feedback is positive. Overall a pretty good store for Aliexpress. I also ordered 2 products of this store last year and I was pleasantly surprised and I recommend this seller!

This cute and popular top has a lot of good reviews, with only 1 bad review out of 117. People seem to love it and it’s not at all expensive (which is the whole point of Aliexpress). Shipping is different for every country so you have to check that for yourself.


2. Chu Sau beauty HuiMaiXi Store

This store is overall pretty good! This store is open for 2 years now and has an overall score of 4.8/5! Also 98.2% of their feedback is positive which is really good. They sell a lot of aesthetic clothes with cute colours and floral prints.

I found this store through this dress and it’s so cute, I’m gonna buy it myself soon! This store also sells sweaters, sweater vest, etc. but I just love this one so much. The reviews are also pretty good, although they say you should size up.


3. Heyoungirl Store

This store has a LOT of good products with a lot of reviews (compared to the other stores). It has been open for 5 years and has an overall score of 4.7/5. It also has a score of 96.5% on positive feedback which is pretty good.

This dress is their second-best sold product and it’s so cute! It has a lot of good reviews and I can see why. I’m gonna buy this myself for sure!


4. IAMSURE Store

This store hasn’t even been open for a year but managed to get over 10.000 followers! They have an overall score of 4.6/5 and 96.3% of their feedback is positive. They sell many aesthetic clothes with good reviews and it’s worth a try.

This cute top is their best sold product and I can see why. It’s so cute for summer and I feel like this top is becoming more popular. They sell it in different colours, with print but also plain. Also a plus, it’s very cheap!


5. Suchcute Official Store

This store also has a lot of cute clothes! It’s been open for 2 years now and it has an overall score of 4.6/5. Also 95.5% of their feedback is positive which is around the average. They sell many different clothes so feel free to have a look!

Sweater vests are still very popular so I choose this top. It’s their second-best sold top and they also sell it in grey and green. The reviews are overall very positive but they do recommend you to size up.


6. ArtSu InsFashion Store

This store sells a lot of cute tops for this spring/summer and they’re so aesthetic! They are open for 7 years now and they score 4.7/5 which is again pretty good. 96.4% of their feedback is positive. Overall a pretty good store!

I recommend you have a look at this one because they have many different prints and colours available! This top is so cute and it’s perfect for summer. They’re so affordable as well and the reviews are very positive.

$4.69 – $4.99

7. ALLNEON Store

This store is open for 7 years now and has a score of 4.6/5 with shipping speed just below average. 96.9% of their feedback is positive. This store sells very aesthetic clothes and they all have a lot of reviews, which is really good. They also have over 93.000 followers!

(Also available in pink). This cute top has also been very popular! It has a lot of orders and also a lot of good reviews. The pastel pink one is also very cute and I think it’s worth it to give this one a try!


8. Rockmore Official Store

This store is open for 2 years now and they already have over 42.000 followers! They have a score of 4.6/5 and they have 95.9% positive feedback. They sell very aesthetic clothes from e-girl to y2k!

This hoodie is their second-best sold item and everyone’s very positive about it! They sell this one in different colours as well and also some with a butterfly or text on it. This is just nice to have and it goes with so many outfits. It’s a must-have!

$18.86 – $20.29

9. Personal Wardrobe Store

This store opened in June 2020 so it’s not even a year old. However they do have very cute clothes! They have an overall score of 4.4/5 and they have 94.6% positive feedback which is both lower compared to the other stores. I did want to include this one because most products look good and still have pretty good reviews.

If you click on the button you will see many different models, prints and colours so I recommend you take a look! These tops are all very cute and you’ll probably find all of them on Pinterest. They also have a lot of positive reviews!

$2.95 – $5.87

10. A Girl’s Day Store

This store has been open for 4 years and they have an overall score of 4.5/5. Their positive feedback percentage is 93.0% which is again pretty low compared to the rest, but it’s still not bad. I wanted to include this one because it has some really cute tops that I think you’ll like!

This top is their best sold product and I love it so much! They also sell this one in blue and white and it looks really good. The reviews on this top are also very positive and most people are satisfied with it!

$3.72 – $4.07

Those were some of the best sellers on Aliexpress! I did my best to find some of the best stores for you so I really hope this helped. Comment down below which store on Aliexpress is your favorite! Feel free to check out the items in this article. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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