different clothing aesthetics

There are many different aesthetics, from artsy aesthetic to indie aesthetic, I’m gonna talk about all of them. I’m gonna specifically talk about the fashion aesthetics. Maybe you’re trying to find your aesthetic or you’re just curious about the different kinds of aesthetics. Here are the different clothing aesthetics of 2021!

1. Dark academia

The academia aesthetic is divided in dark academia and light academia (which I’m gonna talk about next). It’s kind of obvious that there are a lot of dark colours with this aesthetic. Dark academia fashion is based on the academic look. Big aspects are plaid, trench coats, brown + dark colours, collars/turtle neck.

This outfit screams dark academia. Very popular with this aesthetic is a sweater tucked in a skirt with a trench coat. Also turtle necks are very popular with this aesthetic. The colours are also perfect. Brown is used a lot and of course black is a standard dark colour. Also plaid is very popular for a dark academia outfit.

2. Light academia

The light academia aesthetic is obviously very similar to the dark academia. They have a lot in common but instead of dark colours they use light colours, bet you didn’t see that one coming!

Brown and plaid are still very popular in the light academia fashion, just as trench coats. With the light academia outfits, beige is a big aspect. This colour is used a lot for light academia outfits and is very popular. So if you’re going for the light academia aesthetic, use a lot of light beige in your outfits!

3. Cottagecore aesthetic

Cottagecore has also become more popular these last few months. This aesthetic has more of a vintage vibe to it. This aesthetic overall feels like what it would be like to live in a cottage somewhere in the mountains. This also has some fairytale vibe to it which I love.

What’s overall popular in the cottagecore fashion is floral prints, white, (puffy) dresses and the vintage look. The outfit you see here is a perfect cottagecore outfit. These kind of dresses are so so popular in the cottagecore aesthetic. This aesthetic is very down to earth and is very connected to nature.

4. Vintage aesthetic

This aesthetic is pretty self-explanatory. With the vintage aesthetic there is simply a lot of vintage clothing. Thrifting is very popular, good for the environment and a big aspect of this aesthetic. The vintage aesthetic all about vintage (looking) clothes.

You can go a lot of ways with this aesthetic, you could wear colourful clothes as you see with this vintage outfit, but you could also go more neutral. There isn’t really a wright or wrong with this aesthetic, as long as it’s vintage (looking).

5. Soft girl aesthetic

This is probably one of the most popular aesthetics; the soft girl aesthetic. I feel like this aesthetic is more sweet and innocent. This aesthetic also has more variation but what’s very popular is pastel colours, cute prints, skirts/dresses and cardigans.

Skirts and dresses aren’t a must but you do see this a lot in the soft girl fashion, as well as cardigans. I feel like pastels and overall bright colours are so popular with this aesthetic. You also see a lot of prints when you look at soft girl outfits. Overall floral prints and plaid are the most popular. This outfit is a good example. The yellow and blue combination is so cute and the floral skirt makes the outfit more interesting.

6. Indie aesthetic

The indie aesthetic also has a lot of variation. With the indie aesthetic you see a lot of colours. Also baggy jeans are very popular with this aesthetic. You also see a lot of shoulder bags when you look at indie outfits.

This outfit is a good example for an indie aesthetic outfit. The clothes are oversized, there are many colours and she’s wearing a shoulder bag. The way this photo is edited is also very popular in the indie aesthetic.

7. Art hoe aesthetic

The art hoe aesthetic (or artsy aesthetic) is also very colourful. You don’t have to be into art to dress like this aesthetic but this aesthetic usually goes together with creative people. Popular with this aesthetic is: vibrant colours, but also dark green and orange (like the picture), dungarees, busy prints and self painted clothing.

With self painted clothing I mean jeans, for example, where someone hand painted something on them (like some flowers). This is very popular and some people sell clothing that they painted.

That wore some of the fashion aesthetics of 2021! There are many more so there will probably be a part 2. Comment down below which aesthetic is your favorite! Feel free to check out the items in this article. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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