honest shein review

Is Shein trustworthy? It’s a question I get a lot. People are very sceptical about Shein and I get it. There are some bad reviews out there and people who do not like it at all. I’ve been shopping on Shein for a while now and I order some clothes every now and then and I thought I would share my thoughts about Shein!

Is Shein good quality? I actually think it’s very different per item. Some things are better quality than other items. You could say a higher price would mean better quality but that’s not always true with Shein. I usually buy a lot of cheap things from Shein (mostly under €10) and most of those items are actually pretty good quality for the price.

In my blog about online shopping tips I talk about how important reviews are. People usually talk about the quality as well, so that’s an easy way of finding a good product. I think Shein definitely does have some good quality products. Everything I’ve bought from there hasn’t ripped or anythings and they still look good. I also think there are some items that aren’t good quality, have a weird fabric or a weird smell, but you can find that in the reviews of course.

Does Shein run small? It does sometimes, but not often. I actually get a size smaller most of the time. Also with this, it’s different for every item. Some things run big, some small and with some items you can get your normal size. It also depends on what kind of item it is. If it’s a top it can be very different than with a skirt. With skirts I usually need my normal size but with tops I always size down. Again, have a close look at the reviews and read my blog on shopping tips to buy the right size.

Do Shein clothes turn out like the picture? With some items it turns out exactly like the picture but it’s not always as accurate. Sometimes the colour is a little off or the model or print is a little different from the picture. Again, the reviews usually point that out so look at the pictures very closely if this is what you’re worried about. I don’t always pay close attention to that because I don’t think it’s that big of a deal but most of my clothes are very similar to the picture.

Overall, is Shein legit? In my opinion, I don’t think it’s 100% legit but it also goes together with the prices. The prices are so low so I don’t expect it to be perfect and look exactly like the picture. So when it is better than I expected I’m just really surprised and happy. It’s not like Urban Outfitters where everything is expensive and the quality is amazing. This is Shein with tops for €4 so if I’m honest, it’s hard to complain.

There are people who buy a pair of jeans for €10 from Shein and they’re not completely satisfied because the colour is a little bit darker and it’s a bit shorter than expected. Those are the people who give a 2 star review and say it’s not legit, but again, it’s so cheap, how can you complain? If you want to be sure it turns out like you want it too, Shein is not the place for you to shop.

So I would say Shein is kind of legit, you just have to keep in mind that it is super cheap so you should keep your expectations low. I’m overall happy with the clothes that I bought from Shein and I don’t have anything to complain!

That was my brutally honest review on Shein. I highly recommend you to check out my blog on online shopping, I think it’ll really help you. Let me know in a comment what you think of Shein. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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