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how to style: wide leg jeans

Wide leg jeans have become very popular over the last few years. They are very trendy, cute and aesthetic! There are many different ways of combining and styling these trendy jeans so if you’re stuck, let me help you out. In this blog post I’m gonna share with you different ways to style these jeans of hopefully give you some inspiration!

Oversized look

This is a good example of keeping it oversized. Wide leg jeans have an oversized look so you can easily style it with other oversized clothing. Wether it’s an oversized shirt or an oversized sweater, like the outfit in the picture.

This may not be everyones style but I recommend you just try it out. For some reason it just goes very well together and you might end up liking it!


This is also a very popular look. It’s kind of chique but at the same time very trendy and casual. Blazers, black or any other colour, look really good with wide leg jeans. It’s probably the mix of styles that make this outfit so interesting.

If this is too ‘chique’ for you, you could always combine it with a pastel coloured blazer for example. A colour like green or purple makes it already more casual than a black blazer. Again, just try out some outfits!

Black boots

Wide leg jeans are often paired with sneakers because it just makes more sense sometimes. However, boots can also look really trendy with wide jeans. In this outfit she combined the jeans with a black sweater and black boots and it looks really good.

White boots will also do the job if you prefer those over black boots. Anyways, you can style wide leg jeans with different kind if shoes( if haven’t thought about that yet).

Cute top

You can actually make it very easy for yourself and just pair the jeans with an interesting top. In this outfit she styled wide jeans with a cute yellow sweater which already makes the outfit complete. It’s kind of simple if you think about it but it doesn’t have to be hard.

So if you have a really cute top that’s not too simple, you can easily wear it with your wide leg jeans and go with it. You could add some jewelry and a cute bag and you’re done!

Keep it simple

The next outfit is actually kind of simple but still very trendy. Here’s the thing, the jeans are already interesting and make any outfit look cute, so why try so hard. By keeping it simple you draw more attention to the jeans and that’s not bad at all.

This outfit is so cute and perfect for summer. Even though there’s not much to it, it’s still good enough to wear outside. So my point is, sometimes less is more!

I really hope this blog post inspired you and helped you to pick out some cute outfits with wide jeans. Let me know in a comment what you like to style your wide leg jeans with. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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