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summer 2021 must haves

Even though it doesn’t feel like summer yet (where I live), it’s right around the corner! Since it’s almost June I thought it was time to start looking at the summer trends and must haves for this year. This time I’m only gonna list products from Missguided, so no other stores. Of course you can look for similar products on your favorite clothing website!

The basics

We’re gonna start off with something simple: the basics. It’s always good to have basics on your closet because they just go with everything!

A plain (white) shirt is always good to have to pair with some cute bottoms. It’s casual and simple and it goes with everything in your closet.

Available in: White, Black, Orange, Blue.

$7.00 – $8.00

Tanks tops (like the pink one that I’m using as an example) are perfect for your summer collection. It’s the ultimate basic tank top and it’s a closet must have!


Gingham print

Gingham print is such a cute print and was very popular last year as well! They come in all kinds of colours and on many different clothing pieces. Prints are very popular in the summer and makes your outfit look very interesting and cute!

This top is so cute, I want to buy it myself. The colour is perfect for summer and looks so good when you’ve been in the sun for a while. This top is definitely a summer must have!


Then I also came across these shorts which are just perfect for summer! I’m personally not a big fan of denim shorts so I’m always looking for something different. These cute shorts look so good and are an amazing asset to your closet!


Mom shorts

Especially if you’re a bit taller, this one is perfect for you. Mom shorts are becoming more popular this year and you see them more and more on your Instagram page. You don’t have to be tall to wear these of course!

These recycled mom shorts are a perfect example and they look really good as well. They go with almost everything in your closet so they’re a must have for this summer!


These denim shorts are also made from recycled cotton! These shorts are blue denim and they’re also ripped which makes them more interesting and cute.


Two-piece set

A two-piece set is on option for every season but I am gonna include it in the summer must haves. I found so many cute two-piece sets on Missguided and I picked a set as an example for this summer!

First we have the top of the set. What I love so much about the set is the colour, the green is so fresh and perfect for summer! This top could also easily be styled with some denim instead of the matching skirt.


Then we have the skirt of the set which is also really cute! The fabric that they used for the set is really light and thin so it’s not too hot for the summer. You can buy this set together or separate but either way, you need this in your closet!


Bandana top

I’ve talked about the bandana tops before, they’re becoming a really big trend this year! Of course, you can easily use an actual bandana and wear that as a top but I think you’re gonna like the tops from Missguided as well!

This cute bandana top has tie-dye print and it’s absolutely perfect for summer! It has pastel colours which is also one of the popular trends this year. It’s also light and breezy for summer which makes this an amazing summer must have!


This bandana top is actually the same one as the one above but with a different print. This one also has such a cute print and is of course also perfect for summer!


Those were some cute summer must haves for 2021! Comment down below which one is your favorite or what you think is an absolute summer must have! Feel free to check out the items in this article. Subscribe to my newsletter down below to stay up to date on my weekly content!

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